Simplifying procurement solution
and supply chain processes that make it
easier for collaboration.

With the SAP Ariba Supplier Life-Cycle Performance (SLP) tool, you can now share your information via the OneProcurement website. The supplier self-service portal enables you to provide and share your information with a high degree of confidentiality. You can update your company and members' contact information at your convenience.

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Your company can have multiple Ariba accounts, depending on your business needs. For example, if your company has several locations around the world, you might want a separate account for each region.

Most companies choose to have one account with multiple customer relationships, which provides a centralized location to maintain their company profile information and all of their customer relationships.

For each account, you can have only one account administrator, but the account administrator can provide access to multiple users. All users from your company have their own Username and Password to access the account.



1.On the Supplier Login page, click Password.

2.Enter the email address that is registered to the account in the Email Address field and click Submit. SAP Ariba will send an email notification that contains instructions on how to reset your password to the email address you used to register your SAP Ariba account.

3.Click the link in the Password Reset notification email.

4.Enter and confirm your new password.

5.Click Submit.



You are receiving this message because the username you are entering is already associated with an Ariba Network, Ariba Discovery, or Ariba Sourcing supplier account. You will still be able to register a new user account, but the new username will need to be unique to satisfy Ariba system requirements. SAP Ariba requires that all usernames be formatted like an email address, but they do not have to be a valid email address. For example, if your username of was not accepted, you can try using

Additional Information

If you would like to access an account that already exists, go to the Supplier Login page and click Password.



You entered an incorrect username or password. You might also receive this message in the following scenarios:

  • Your password contains part of your username.
  • Your browser is automatically filling in an invalid character or the incorrect username/password
  • You entered a username that is not currently valid for your account.
  • You entered an incorrect password.
  • You are not using a certified browser.
  • Your cookies have not been cleared



On your supplier login page and click on the circle with a question mark logo in it at the top right of the page to access the Support Center. Alternatively you can click here for direct access.