All transactions are to be conducted fairly
and ethically as per the Code of Procurement Ethics (COPE)

OneProcurement’s Code of Procurement Ethics (COPE)

COPE sets to communicate our values and principles in the course of conducting business and we promote a mutually beneficial business environment that is sustainable and brings optimum value to us and our suppliers

All business transactions are conducted honestly, with integrity and in a fair manner

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Fair competition is advocated in the procurement of all goods and services

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Any form of conflict of interest and relationship involving employees are to be declared upfront and dealt with immediately

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We practice no gift and entertainment policy

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Open communication is highly encouraged

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We observe international trade conventions, sanctions, restriction, rules and policies

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Reciprocity of ethical behaviour is expected

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All existing relationships with executives or employees are declared

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Zero tolerance to all collusion activities in the procurement process

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Commitment to environmental sustainability

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